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 low watt tube amp combo made in USA.
 These amps are for sale. 
Perfect for your living room. Exceptional design and tone.

NudeAmps : Hand made tube amp combo. Solid exotic/hardwood. Very strong finger joint and wood peg construction. No veneer or stain used here. Made in USA. Pontiac Michigan.

Tube Amp Cabinets are roughly 3/4 inch thick solid hard wood. Very strong, very elegant pieces of art.

Solid hardwood cabinets in three cabinet models:

Blond......................made of domestic Hickory. Light color seen above on the left on the top photo.

Redhead.............made of South American Paduk. Deep red color, seen above in the middle. (that is not stain)

Brunette..........made of domestic Walnut. Dark color with striping, seen above right. (also the face on far left)

We can put one of these classic pure tube amp circuits in one of these beautiful cabinets:
Vintage tube amp circuits with updated materials, better sound/tone, cleaner less humm, safer. Based off of the old classics circuits like: 
5 watt Champ tube amp combo (with feedback) 12ax7, 6v6, 5y35 tubes.
5 watt Supro tube amp combo 12ax7, 50l6, 35z5 tubes. (50l6 circuit !)
15 watt Champ tube amp combo 12ax7, 6L6, 5y35 tubes.

Effects tray on bottom, slides, has door, has power socket inside for effects.

Built in effects loop. That means all your cords will fit inside your tube amp combo.

Saddle leather padded seat option.

Extra power sockets on back.

Shielded circuit, for low noise.

Grounded circuit for safety. Three prong removable computer style power cord.

One knob. Volume knob only controls volume. We took the on-off away from that location and made a foot switch on the side. Very cool and less noise in the circuit. Gives you total control. No tone or reverb built in to rob your signal. Just one knob, which we turn from scrap wood for each amp. You choose which effects you want, buy them at the store where you find our amp.

Hand made in U.S.A.

Comments from friends about the Tube Amp Combo:

"These amps are art."

" Impressive design"

On our first demo we went to Guitar Center. The manager took the time to check out our tube amp combo.

He said " That would look great in my living room." and "These would be great for recording too".

We were very happy to hear him say that. This was our goal. To make a great sounding tube amp combo, that would look good in our living room/ studio. It has common sense functions that no other tube amp has. Everything is well executed. This is sturdy. This tube amp will be passed down through generations of musicians.

Special thanks to:

Rob Hull TubeDepot.com

Koontz guitar repair.

Gino Fanelli................... Gypsy Jazz great.

Thank you for looking.

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